(medium  length fiction film)

36 minutes, Germany 2016

Produced by Ubikmedia

Directed by Mario Schuster

Co-directed by Jörg-Michael Schneider

Nineteen-year-old Bender is finding himself in a sad situation. He lives in a boring neighbourhood of a boring suburb area. His parents are not on speaking terms with each other. His only silver linings are his brother Thomas and his girlfriend Sesil. With the arrival of a mysterious parcel for his mother things are getting strange and everything changes. The people around Bender start to act weird. They become others. At the beginning Bender manages to avoid contact with these "others" but when Sesil starts to change she faces him with a decision.

-Shiver International Film Festival 2017, Smiths Falls ON, Kanada – Finalist

-Scare-A-Con Film Festival, Liverpool NY 2017, USA – Official Selection

-Best Short Fest, Lanark County ON 2017, Kanada – Semi-Finalist

-Follow Your Dreams Film Festival 2017, Gilbert, Arizona, USA – WINNER “Best Short Film”

-Ridgefield Independent Film Festival 2017, Ridgefield, USA – Official Selection

-Horrorhound Weekend, Cincinnati 2017, USA – Official Selection

-U-Horror Fest Online, Los Angeles 2017, USA – Official Selection

-22. Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2016, Stuttgart, Deutschland – Official Selection

-The Philip K Dick Film Festival 2016, Köln, Deutschland – Official Selection

-Los Angeles CineFest 2016, Los Angeles, USA – Semi Finalist

-Oktober – Indigo Filmfest 12 2016, Wadern, Deutschland – Official Selection

-August – Stonefair IFF 2016, Piatra-Neamt, Rumänien – Finalist “Best Experimental”

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